V3 Secondskin   or   V3 BodyPainting 


I will try to explain how I make bodypaints

Select a V3 character for which you want to make a bodypaint

A character uses two folders:  

1 a folder with the textures for your character

  you will find this in your runtime folder under the name 'textures'

and under 'libraries' there is a folder with the name 'pose'

 there you can find the matfiles for your character


Don't forget that textures from others you may use

  for your bodypaints may be under copyright

 I you want to distribute yours

you wil have to make a character with textures yourself

  don't forget that!!!!


first you make copy of the body and head texture files

and write them to a folder




Start your Poser program and load the character

 you want to use and finish it.


Start Adobe Photoshop (or Jasc Paint Shop Pro like do

the screenshots were made using PSP)

Leave both applications open


Open the copy of the body texture you just made

in the program of your choice


Swich on a grid on the bodytexture



click on the white region with the magic wand and everything outside

 the bodymap will be selected

go to selections and click 'invert'

 leave your selection and add a new layer over your body texture




compose the pattern you want to fill the body with using your airbrush

and fill the body with the pattern



put your grid on 30 so that it becomes transparent and you can see the body shine trough

now you can work on the grid with the eraser tool



when you erased something turn the grid back on and save your work

  in the textures folder  

under the name of your bodytextures



go to Poser and render. I use the Poser 4 renderer

because the textures do not show up so nice in the poser 5 renderer

put the render settings as shown here

I switch cast shadows off



Rotate your character and check the alignment at the shoulders/B>

when they don't work on your grid and render again

until everything matches nicely

that holds for everything. I use a grid because

 there are so many places where you have to check alignment

the back is particulary difficult and you have to render

and check many times



You can get creative now with brushes

or tubes. Don't forget to add new grids for everything you

 put on the texture and to save your work from time to time

and to render to see how it looks on your character 

and if everything aligns at the seams


Have fun with this tutorial


ps      When the body is done and, and you have not yet merged

 the grids, you can delete the background layer it is in your textures

 folder you can store and store it as PSP. then you can use it for any V3 character.

Greetings from Noeska


Hugs for  Bagoas for  making Dutch to an  English Tutorial




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